The Resistance

Over the last month, we’ve watched Donald Trump continue to speak and tweet irresponsibly. We’ve seen him select potential cabinet appointees who are inexperienced and often hostile to the very governmental areas they’re meant to lead. We’ve watched white supremacists and Neo-Nazis become emboldened, and we’ve seen a resulting increase in hate crimes. What can we do to resist?

Pressure state electors to vote against Trump on December 19.

This is probably a long shot, but it’s worth pushing on. If the vote at the Electoral College is contentious, that will be another way to demonstrate the disparity between the popular vote and the power of the Electoral College to select the President. Beyond this election, we might want to reconsider the Electoral College altogether, since it was an institution born in slavery and this could be the second time in 20 years that the Electors don’t reflect the popular vote.

Stay informed and call your representatives.

Now is NOT the time to bury our heads in the sand. Phone calls make a far bigger impact than email petitions, and our elected officials must be held accountable!

Support your local organizations.

We’ve created a list of some national groups that you might want to donate time or money to, and we plan to add to it regularly. It’s also vital that you find your local groups and work with them because they’re not getting the level of attention and donations that the national organizations are. Go to a meeting, hand out fliers, talk to neighbors. Every small act can make a difference.

Reach out to moderate and/or regretful Trump voters.

The holidays are coming. Talk to your families! This isn’t about being sore losers or Republicans vs. Democrats. This is about protecting our American democracy going forward and EVERYONE needs to participate in that.

Pay attention to where the money comes from.

Our political system is flooded with “dark money,” and we need to do everything we can to change that.

March and protest.

Make yourself visible. Seeing large protests in the news will bolster allies in Red States, and show the world that Americans will not accept fascism without a fight.

Call out racism when you see it.

These conversations are bound to be uncomfortable, but having a thoughtful discussion with someone you care about can go a long way. If you’re white, learn what it means to be a white ally and encourage others to do the same.

Stand with your immigrant neighbors.

So many of our friends and neighbors feel afraid and vulnerable. Do the right thing and don’t stand idly by. You can also encourage your university administrators to sign the statement in support of DACA.

These are just a few of the things we can do, and we’re already seeing progress in some areas, so don’t stop now. Keep pushing, keep marching, keep calling, keep signing petitions, keep teaching, and keep resisting.

Solidarity, forever.

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