Pipo Nguyen-duy

Born 1962, Hue, Vietnam

Pipo Nguyen-duy was born in Hue, Vietnam. Growing up within thirty kilometers of the demilitarized zone of the 18th parallel, he describes hearing gunfire every day of his early life. He immigrated to the United States as a political refugee.

(My) East of Eden: Chicken, 2013

He writes, “While working as a Guggenheim fellow to document Vietnamese war amputees in 2012, I began working on My East of Eden as a new chapter to my ongoing photographic series East of Eden. This project is my attempt to reclaim my real and imagined childhood memories and fantasies of growing up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Against the backdrop of the once scarred landscape, East of Eden is a celebration of the resilience and beauty of humanity.”

Pipo is a Professor teaching photography at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. He is represented by ClampArt , NYC.

Source: www.piponguyen-duy.com