Mobilizing Collectives

DO talk to people in person, whenever possible!
DO establish a target, define a strategy & message, and set goals and objectives
DO tell people what to expect.
DO learn from experienced organizers around your campus.
DO remember institutional inequalities and vulnerabilities when organizing (including your own).
DO remember “autonomy of action” within collective mobilization.  

DON’T argue mentally.
DON’T leave the conversation without some sort of answer/commitment/ to-be-continued.
DON’T expect people to show up to a rally or action without reminders.
DON’T focus only on issuing “statements” as a group.
DON’T be afraid to invent new modes of action, disruption, and collective mobilization!
DON’T make the university the ultimate horizon of your political imaginary.

by Maggie Williams & Julie Orlemanski