Write a guest blog post for the Material Collective!

The Material Collective is looking for guest blog posts and welcomes contributions on all topics that relate to the themes and mission of our group, broadly conceived (you can revisit some of those in our manifesto or just look through our past posts). Do you want to share some thoughts on a work of art or an exhibition? Are you thinking through a dilemma in your research that would benefit from some discussion? Perhaps you’d like to devote some time to thinking through an especially thorny issue related to visual culture or academia more broadly? Have you been to a thought-provoking talk or panel that you’d like to share with others? Do you want to explore a topic that is either new to you, or outside your traditional field? Do you want to share a new resource or pedagogical tool? Let us know! These are only suggestions; we are also open to additional ideas or approaches.

Please contact us by emailing Nancy Thompson (thompsn@stolaf.edu) and share your ideas with us. We welcome drafts of texts, but you can also contact us before you have your blog post written, to see if the idea is appropriate.

Generally these posts should be kept fairly short, with minimal citations, and we like to include at least a couple of images. Posts may be edited, and we will show you the edited version of your piece prior to publication. The Material Collective Core will review all final submissions to make sure they will work well for our blog.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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