Material Collective, Kalamazoo 2018

How to Engage Now: Medieval Studies and Public Discourse in 2018

How do we and can we, as scholars of the Middle Ages and of medieval art, engage with the general public in the current political climate? In order to generate ideas on how more academics can take their work into the public sphere, this session invites short (5-minute) presentations on specific questions, concepts, or activities that presenters have formulated and and/or carried out in public way, whether through a lecture, blogpost, a letter to the editor, demonstration, or any other means. The session will culminate in a larger discussion among all in the room to generate concrete plans for actions in the coming year. We hope to reconvene participants and audience members at the 2019 Congress to report back, assess, and plan for the next year of actions.

Please send a one-page abstract and a completed Participant Information Form to Luke Fidler ( by September 15.