Kalamazoo, people!


Here are the main Material Collective events this year: Our sponsored session, Speculatio, Medieval and Modern, will be on Thursday morning at 10:00 in Schneider 1140. It looks to be a great panel: co-organized by Beate Fricke and Niklaus Largier of UC Berkeley. Speakers include Elizabeth Pastan (Emory U) with “A Rose by Any Other […]

Something Old, Something New


“This is not your grandfather’s MAA,” Lisa Fagin Davis assured the crowd, to a smattering of applause and some laughter. Maybe not, but as a first-time attendee I was definitely struck by the peculiar coexistence of old and new, traditional and nontraditional, at this storied conference. The 91st Annual Meeting addressed this tension in several […]

Reims Cathedral, jamb figures of saints



Ok, everyone — we’ve all been there. We write articles and books, choosing the best images for our arguments, edit, revise, maybe get some feedback from a friend, make it through the agonies and ecstasies of peer review, and land a publication contract that specifies that “the author is solely responsible for obtaining permissions for […]



We’re very excited to launch our first crowd review of the essays to be included in Hoarders and Hordes: Responses to the Staffordshire Hoard, a special issue of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies. The 8 essays were originally presented in 2 sessions at the 2nd biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group in […]

Counter-Productivity Break-Out Groups

BABEL 2015: Off The Books Wrapup


The year marked the fourth BABEL Working Group Conference, held at the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto. This was, by many accounts, the best yet. While attendance was reportedly higher than last year’s meeting at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the conference felt smaller, more manageable, and more intimate (as the “yearbook” […]