As a collaborative of art historians and students of visual culture, Material Collective seeks to foster a safe space for alternative ways of thinking about objects. Read more about us.

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  • Reflections on “Medieval Art History After the Interdisciplinary Turn”

    Marian Bleeke’s inspired thoughts on some of the papers and ideas discussed at the recent conference held at Notre Dame.

  • New Materialisms at CAA

    The 2014 Annual Conference of the College Art Association didn’t feature any participation by the Material Collective as a group, but did feature quite a lot of discussion about issues of continuing interest to the Collective, particularly around materiality and objecthood.

  • Looking at Gleaning

    Several of us have been talking about slow looking, of late, including me, a term that I think probably borrows from the “slow food” movement. I found myself connecting food and art and slowness in my mind, listening, of all things, to a story on NPR about the recent trend toward a sort of postmodern gleaning.

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