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  • Teaching Medieval Art History in a Time of White Supremacy

    John Folwell, “Rising Sun” armchair made for the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, ca. 1779. Image via Wikimedia Commons

    A post by guest blogger Luke Fidler.
    When George Washington presided over the 1787 convention that brought about the Constitution, he sat in a chair designed by Philadelphia furniture-maker John Folwell. I find Washington’s armchair to be a fitting example for thinking about how to weaponize the medieval art history syllabus in 2017.

  • “Celtic” Crosses and White Supremacism

    In 2012, I published a book that was inspired by my 2001 dissertation on Irish crosses. In both the dissertation and the book, I was interested in how the symbol of the ringed Irish cross had become synonymous with an Irish cultural (and often ethnic) identity. My interest in the use of the ringed cross—as […]

  • D(r)ipping books

    Kulturgeschichte des Wassers Stain

    A guest post from Dr. Tina Bawden.
    Everybody who still reads actual books has experienced this: You are caught in the rain while reading on a park bench and rain drops make your library book all wavy.

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