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  • Scale and the Challenge of Sand

    The following was co-written by Asa Simon Mittman and Ben Tilghman for the session SCALE, organized by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, at the Third BABEL Biennial in Santa Barbara. You can (and should) also read Karl Steel’s contribution to the session here and Eileen Joy’s here. Picture for a moment a skinny little eight-year old boy […]

  • Collaborating at Babel 2014: Thinking Collectively about the Atlantic

    Once upon a time (or, rather, sometime two years ago), a nineteenth-century Americanist (Melissa Gniadek) and an Anglo-Saxonist (Donna Beth Ellard) decided to propose a session for BABEL’s October 2014 meeting in Santa Barbara, CA. But what do an Americanist and Anglo-Saxonist have to say to one another? This was precisely the question that first […]

  • Becoming Ocean: BABEL 2014 at UC-Santa Barbara

    Two weeks ago, in Santa Barbara, we walked the beach together. (It’s taken us all this time to process, and sometimes hungry children and desperate advisees have to come before blogging!) The Material Collective’s participation in the recent BABEL Working Group meeting at UCSB took the form of a special double “session” where we assembled […]

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